How to Build an Adjustable-shelf Bookcase

ozzoccomcastn says:
What is used to hold shelves?
What is used to hold shelves?
Drill Shelf-Pin Holes Step 1

Cut and trim the sides (A) to size. Clamp a scrap of perforated hardboard (pegboard) to the sides as a template to lay out and mark locations for shelf-pin holes as shown in the exploded view drawing.

Step 2

With sides on a bench, drill 1/4-inch holes 3/8 inch deep at shelf-pin hole locations. Use an electric drill with a brad-point bit and a drill stop. Check the depth frequently; do not overdrill.

Refresher Course: Support Plywood for Ripping

To safely rip plywood with a portable circular saw, use 2x4 supports laying on sawhorses and a kerf splitter to prevent kickback.

No Drill Stop? Try Tape.

You can control the depth of the holes you drill without a drill stop by wrapping tape around the bit as a visible guide to the proper depth.

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ozzoccomcastn wrote:

What is used to hold shelves?

5/1/2016 04:01:43 PM Report Abuse
nknatedog12gma wrote:

I believe the entire height should add to a total of 48", and the 43 3/4" is either a type or it refers to the back (N). The 47 1/4" side panels extend all the way to the bottom of the entire structure, which would make the full height 48", and they would fit.

9/11/2015 08:49:32 AM Report Abuse
diamondpony wrote:

I just downloaded the exploded view and notice that the overall height of the case is 43 3/4". If the side panels are to be 471/4' something doesn't add up. Please let me know what the dimensions are to be. Thanks, Reid

4/18/2014 01:41:11 PM Report Abuse
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