How to Build an Adjustable-shelf Bookcase

ozzoccomcastn says:
What is used to hold shelves?
What is used to hold shelves?
Join the Inner Carcase Step 1

Cut the top (B) to size. Join it to the end of one side (A) with glue and #8x1-1/2-inch flathead wood screws in counterbored holes, with parts lying on the table as shown. Add the second side.

Step 2

Cut the bottom (B) to size. With the sides/top assembly in place, clamp and glue the bottom to the sides. Check for square by measuring diagonally. Fasten with #8x1-1/2-inch flathead wood screws.

Step 3

Rip and trim the base rail (C) and the end rails (D) to size. On a table, join the base rail to the end rails with glue. Secure with #8x1-1/2-inch flathead wood screws in counterbored holes.

Step 4

Trim the side panels (E) to size. Glue and clamp one panel to the side (A) of the carcase flush with the front edge. Glue and clamp the second side panel to the other side. Let the glue dry, then glue and clamp the base/end rails (C, D) in place.

Make Your Own Molding: Step 1

To profile the top molding, rip 3/4-inch oak to 1 inch wide. Use a tablesaw or router to cut a 1/16x1/16-inch rabbet on one edge.

Step 2

With a roundover bit in a router, shape a 1/4-inch roundover 1/8 inch deep on the edge opposite the rabbet.

Step 3

To complete the profile, chuck a 1/8-inch roundover bit into the router and shape a 1/8-inch roundover along the bottom edge.

Continued on page 4:  Stick-Build the Face Frame


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ozzoccomcastn wrote:

What is used to hold shelves?

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nknatedog12gma wrote:

I believe the entire height should add to a total of 48", and the 43 3/4" is either a type or it refers to the back (N). The 47 1/4" side panels extend all the way to the bottom of the entire structure, which would make the full height 48", and they would fit.

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diamondpony wrote:

I just downloaded the exploded view and notice that the overall height of the case is 43 3/4". If the side panels are to be 471/4' something doesn't add up. Please let me know what the dimensions are to be. Thanks, Reid

4/18/2014 01:41:11 PM Report Abuse
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