How to Build an Adjustable-shelf Bookcase

Stick-Build the Face Frame Step 1

Cut the stiles (F) and the top and bottom rails (G, H) of the face frame to size. Glue and clamp one stile to the face of the carcase, flush with the side. Dry-fit the other stile and the two rails to the clamped stile to check for fit. Trim as needed for a tight joint.

Step 2

Glue and clamp the top and bottom rails to the carcase face flush with its sides and butted to the first stile. Dry-fit the second stile to check for fit. Trim as necessary, then glue and clamp in place to complete the face-frame assembly.

Step 3

Rip and crosscut the front base (I) and the side bases (J) to size. Cut a rounded edge on the top edges using a 3/8-inch bit in a router. Measure and miter-cut both ends of the front base and one end of each side base. Glue and clamp in place on the carcase. Sand the subassembly.

Refresher Course: Dowel-Jointed Frame

Another way to build the face frame is to construct it as a separate assembly. Use dowel joints to secure the stiles to the rails, then glue and clamp the frame to the carcase.

Sand the Subassembly

It may be difficult to finish-sand some parts of a project, such as the bookcase face frame, after assembly. Sanding the subassembly before adding it to the project ensures a thorough finish.

Continued on page 5:  Make and Install the Top


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