How to Build a Fixed-shelf Bookcase

Assembling the Pieces Step 1

Glue and clamp the toe-kick rails (E) to the side rails (F) to form the framework for the bottom shelf (C). Follow the same steps to assemble the frame for the shelf using parts F and G.

Step 2

Turn the bottom shelf (C) upside down on the bench and secure the framework assembly (E, F) to it with #8x1-1/4-inch flathead wood screws in countersunk holes. Repeat with the frame (F, G) and the middle shelf (D).

Step 3

Place one side (B) on edge on the bench and position the bottom assembly on it. Clamp in place, with the toe-kick flush with the bottom of the side, and fasten with screws through the rails into the side. Repeat with the second side, supporting the first side with a piece of scrap lumber.

Step 4

Glue and clamp the top cleats (H) to the apron rails (G). When the glue in the framework (G, H) dries, position and secure with screws to the bottom side of the top shelf (A).

Step 5

Stand up the carcass and set the top assembly on it with the top cleats (H) fitted inside the sides, and clamp. Fasten the top with screws through the cleats into the sides. Be careful drilling, and use the proper size screws so they don't come out the other side.

Step 6

Measure between the bottom of the top frame and the top of the bottom shelf. Divide this distance by two to find the location for the middle shelf. Brace the shelf with 1x2s and fasten to the sides with screws. Again, be careful drilling and use the proper size wood screws.

Continued on page 4:  Finishing the Bookcase


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