Butt Joints

This story shows you how to strengthen two pieces joined at 90 degrees, called a butt joint, with dowels.


A butt joint joins two pieces at 90 degrees in a corner or along their length. Reinforce these joints for strength.

Step 1

Strengthen a butt joint with dowels. Begin by marking the location of each dowel's center, about 1-1/2 inches apart, on one of the pieces to be joined.

Step 2

Using a guide and a bit that's the same size as your dowels, drill holes slightly longer than one-half the dowel length into the center of one piece at the dowel markings.

Step 3

Dowel centers mark the exact location of the dowel holes in the second piece. Insert one in each hole, then press the two pieces to be joined together to mark. Drill the holes.

Step 4

Drop glue into each dowel hole. Spread glue around half the length of each dowel. Tap each halfway into its hole. Glue holes and exposed dowels, then draw together.

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