Dado Joints

This story shows you how to create a dado joint.


Dadoes are channels that run across the grain. They're often used in the sides of a bookcase to hold shelves.

Step 1

Use a carpenter's square and pencil to mark the dado locations and width on the wood. If the project uses plywood shelves, double-check their thickness. Don't assume 3/4-inch plywood will always be 3/4 inch thick. Dimensions vary with the manufacturer, and if the dadoes are not the exact width of the shelves' thickness, you'll have a bad fit.

Step 2

Cutting a dado with a portable circular saw requires setting the blade to the depth you want the dado, usually one-third the wood's thickness. (Be sure the blade is perpendicular to the saw's foot plate.) Next, with a straightedge as a guide, saw kerfs in the wood to shape the dado edges. Then saw narrowly spaced kerfs between the outside cuts.

Cutting Dado with Back Saw

Short dadoes can be cut with a back saw. Clamp a piece of wood with one true edge to the saw as a depth gauge. Then make several thinly spaced cuts to dado width.

Step 3

To clean waste out of the dado, move a chisel from side to side with the bevel pointing down. Then run the chisel (bevel side up) down the dado's length to flatten and smooth the bottom of the dado.

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