Groove Joints

This story shows you how to create a groove joint.

Route Groove Joint

Grooves run with the grain and away from the edge. Use a straight-cutting bit and either the router's edge guide or a clamped straightedge as a guide. For deep grooves, make several shallow passes.

Cut Groove by Hand

You can cut grooves with a handsaw. You will need a long straightedge that you'll have to move several times as you cut kerfs across the groove's width. Then chisel out the waste.

Labels Prevent Costly Errors

When you're working with expensive hardwoods or hardwood plywood, mistakes can be costly. To prevent accidentally sawing a dado, rabbet, or groove in the wrong side of a piece, use masking tape to label where cuts will go. It's easily removed, and you can wipe off any remaining adhesive with a solvent.

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