Half-Lap Joints

This story shows you how to remove material from one piece to create a half-lap joint.


Cutting away part of two pieces to be joined adds gluing surface and creates lap joints. For a lap joint, remove half the thickness of each piece. In a half-lap joint, material is removed only from one piece.

Step 1

Hold the two boards together to mark the edges for cuts. Mark the width and depth of the cut. The depth of the cut is the thickness of the thinner piece.

Step 2

With the help of a try square or combination square, draw the width and depth cut lines onto the thicker piece.

Step 3

Using a back saw, make the first cut across the grain to the depth indicated by the mark. Hold the saw at 90 degrees to the wood as you cut.

Step 4

Make the final cut through the end grain to remove the waste. Stand the wood on its end or grip the wood in a vise and saw vertically.

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