Rabbet Joint

This story shows you how to create a rabbet joint.


A rabbet is cut along an end or edge of a board or panel for another piece of wood to fit into.

Mark Rabbet Width

The rabbet cut may be as deep as the width of the mating piece and up to one-half the piece's depth. Use a depth gauge to mark the rabbet's width.

Cut Rabbet with Table Saw

On a table saw, cut the rabbet's width (shoulder cut) with the piece flat on the table and against the rip fence. Set the blade to the desired depth, turn the board on edge and against the fence, and run it through the saw.

Cut Rabbet with Router

A router cuts small rabbets in one pass, larger and deeper ones in a few shallow passes. Chuck a piloted rabbeting bit of the correct size and set to the desired depth of cut. Securely clamp the piece to your bench top while routing the rabbet.

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