How to Build Desk Hutch Shelves

Cutting the Parts Step 1

Use a table saw or a circular saw with a rip guide to rip a 10-foot 1x10 to 9 inches wide for the top and bottom (A) and the sides (B), an 8-foot 1x10 to 8-3/4 inches wide for the two long dividers (C) and the shelves (D and E). Rip 1/2x6-inch stock 3 feet long to 5-1/4 inches wide for the short dividers (F).

Step 2

Use a crosscutting jig with a circular saw to cut the top and bottom pieces (A), the sides (B), the two long dividers (C), the shelves (D and E), and the short dividers to the lengths listed in the Materials Needed chart.

Step 3

Use the table saw rip fence to cut a strip 17-1/4 inches wide from a sheet of 1/4-inch lauan plywood. Have a helper support the long end of the plywood as you move it through the saw. If you don't have a table saw, make the cut with a circular saw and straightedge jig.

Step 4

Cut a piece 33-3/4 inches long from the 17-1/4-inch-wide plywood to make the back (G). Make the cut with a circular saw guided by a straightedge jig.

Step 5

As the drawing shows, the short dividers fit into two 1/2-inch-wide, 1/4-inch-deep dadoes in the bottom of the top piece. Use a framing square to lay out these dadoes as shown. Then place the top and bottom side by side, ends flush, and lay out positions of the long dividers (C).

Continued on page 3:  Assembling the Organizer


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