How to Build a Mission-style Utility Stand

Add the Spindles Step 1

Before you begin making the spindles (D), verify their length by measuring between rails B and C. Allow for a 1-1/4-inch-long notch 5/8 inch deep at either end to fit the rails.

Step 2

Set up your table saw to rip 10 spindles 1x22 inches long (or to your measurement) from 3/4-inch-thick oak stock. Use a push stick that's narrow enough to fit between the rip fence and the saw blade.

Step 3

To cut the notches at the ends of each of the 10 spindles, refit your table saw with a dado set. Or use a backsaw to cut them, securing the wood in a bench vise and cleaning up each notch with a sharp chisel.

Step 4

With an electric drill and counterbore bit, drill countersunk screw holes on the back (the side away from the notch) of each spindle end, then attach them to the side rails.

Safety First: Close the Gaps for Thin Rip Cuts: Step 1

When ripping thin pieces (less than 1 inch), make and install a zero-clearance insert to keep thin pieces from falling through the slot. Trace the shape of the original insert on material of the same thickness.

Close the Gaps for Thin Rip Cuts: Step 2

Cut out the new insert piece and install it in the arbor (with the blade all the way down). Start the blade and slowly raise it up through the piece, cutting a thin slot just big enough for the blade.

Finishing Prep before Assembly: Step 1

Clean off glue squeezed out from the joints after joining all the subassemblies. It's easier to do a thorough job before final assembly.

Finishing Prep before Assembly: Step 2

Sand all the spindles while you can still easily get to them.

Continued on page 5:  Add the Top and Shelves


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