How to Build Utility Shelves

These utility shelves can be used in a garage, large storage closet, or basement. This story is an introduction and overview of the project.
Utility Shelves

The basic design of this utility shelving unit is adaptable enough that it can be used in a garage, large storage closet, or basement. Add as many shelves as you want between the bottom and the top; just shorten the shelf supports for more shelves or lengthen them for taller spaces to store large items. You can easily change this unit's structural dimensions to make it deeper, longer, or taller.

The unit uses softwood plywood and pine construction -- materials readily available at home centers and lumberyards. Its only finish is a coat of marine spar varnish to make cleaning it easier. You could paint the piece in enamel for use elsewhere in the house.


About 4 hours

Tape measure, carpenter's square, power saw, electric drill/driver, countersink bit, drill bits, level, clamps, hammer, sander

Sawing and measuring

Organize tools and materials; prepare a work area.

Exploded View and Materials Needed
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