How to Build Utility Shelves

Forming the Stiles Step 1

Crosscut standard 2x4 material to 72 inches long to obtain the four stile parts (A) for the basic unit. Crosscut 1x4 material to 72 inches in length for the four stile parts (B).

Step 2

Evenly apply glue to one edge of each 2x4 part A. Position one 1x4 part B on each part A with all ends and edges flush, then clamp and let glue dry. Clean off excess glue.

Stock off the Shelf

Project plans normally include a bill of materials that lists the amount and sizes of all the wood parts needed. Think of this as the start of your shopping list. Rewrite it, listing the number of 1x4s, 2x4s, and other material you'll need before you go to the lumberyard or home center.

And when you get there, select the wood carefully. Set aside boards with obvious cosmetic defects and noticeable warp. Reject boards with even slight cupping or twisting. Check by placing boards on the floor to see if they lie flat. Bring a crayon to mark the ones you're keeping.

Continued on page 3:  Building the Framework


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