How to Build Cabinets with Cushions or Shelves

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why not try to visit
why not try to visit

You can build this versatile wall-to-wall design as a built-in cushioned bench with storage cabinets underneath. Or, instead of the cushion, you can build open shelves above the cabinets.

If you are new to woodworking, don't worry. The cabinets are simple to build and the doors don't require complicated joinery. You can build as many cabinets as you want easily adapting their sizes, along with the shelf lengths, to fit.

If you choose to make this into a bench, you can have an upholstery shop make the cushion to fit. Just pick a fabric, specify 2-inch-thick foam, and give the shop the cushion dimensions.

Materials and finishing
Birch plywood and solid poplar are used on the exposed parts of this project because both woods take paint well. Hidden parts are made of inexpensive particleboard.


About 8 hours to construct the cabinets and 4 hours to make the shelves, plus finishing time

Tape measure, combination square, framing square, angle square, tablesaw or circular saw with ripping guide, router with 1/2-inch piloted rabbeting bit, pocket-screw jig and bit, hammer, nail set, hand plane, flat-bladed screwdriver or putty knife, 1/2-inch chisel, spring clamps or C-clamps, 4-foot level

Accurate measuring, sawing, routing

Assemble tools and materials, prepare work area and installation area

Exploded View and Materials Needed
Cutting Diagram
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why not try to visit

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