How to Build a Closet Organizer

Closet Organizer

After assembling this organizer you'll think you've doubled the size of your closet. The key is efficient, accessible use of space. Instead of the usual single closet pole with a difficult-to-reach shelf, you'll have three poles at appropriate heights for shirts, pants, and coats. Instead of a jumble of shoes in the dark recesses of the floor, your footwear will be neatly stored in an easily accessible rack. At the center of the organizer is a stack of narrow shelves perfect for storing sweaters. There also are divided accessory shelves to the left of the sweater shelves and another shelf over the shirt pole. The organizer shown fits a closet that's 7 feet wide and 8 feet tall.

Materials and finishing
This organizer is made of birch plywood and has a clear satin polyurethane finish. Of course, you can stain the plywood first or use oak plywood for a different look. Birch plywood also looks great with a painted surface. A semigloss paint will be more durable than flat paint.


About 8 hours to construct, plus finishing time

Tape measure, angle square, framing square, chalk line, tablesaw or circular saw, electric drill/driver, hammer, nail set, long bar clamps, utility knife, metal straightedge, stud finder

Accurate measuring, sawing, gluing, clamping

Clean closet, assemble tools and materials

Exploded View
Cutting Diagram
Materials Needed
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