How to Build a Closet Organizer

Cutting Parts Step 1

This project uses two sheets of plywood with little waste. Use a tablesaw with a helper or a circular saw with a straightedge guide to rip the plywood into four 12-inch-wide pieces, two 17-1/2-inch-wide pieces, and one 10-1/2-inch piece as shown in the Cutting Diagram.

Step 2

Crosscut all plywood parts to the lengths shown in the Cutting Diagram. Attach a 2-foot length of 3/4-inch stock to the miter gauge to better support the plywood. Alternately, use a circular saw with crosscutting jig. Use masking tape to label each part as you cut it.

What If... You Don't Have a Helper?

To cut a full sheet of plywood accurately and safely on a tablesaw, you must have a helper or support tables or rollers on three sides of the saw. Even with a helper and extra support, a lightweight bench-top saw could shift dangerously during the cut.

The solution is to snap a chalk line on the sheet for a rip-cut that's about 1/4 inch wider than the final width you need. Cut along this line with a circular saw -- you don't need a guide because this cut doesn't have to be perfectly straight. Then set the tablesaw for the final width and rip off the extra 1/4 inch.

Know the Score

When cutting hardwood plywood on a tablesaw, make sure the good side (the side that will show in the project) is facing up. When cutting with a circular saw, the good side should be down so any tear-out that occurs as the saw teeth exit the plywood will be hidden in the project.

You might want both sides of the cut to look good (the shoe rack sides, for example). Or it just might not be practical to cut from the correct side. If so, place a metal straightedge along your cut line and use a sharp utility knife to score the cut line. Make two or three passes with the knife, until you cut completely through the plywood's thin top veneer.

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