How to Build a Fireside Bookcase

Cutting the Case Parts Step 1

On the tablesaw, rip a sheet of plywood into four 11-7/8-inch-wide pieces. Rip 11 inches from another 3/4-inch sheet and 30 inches from a 1/4-inch-thick sheet. Or make the cuts with a circular saw and straightedge guide.

Step 2

Use a straightedge guide with a circular saw to crosscut the sides (A), top (B), shelves (C), and doors (E) to the lengths listed in Materials Needed. Use the straightedge guide to crosscut the 1/4-inch plywood to 95-1/2 inches for the back (D).

Step 3

Rip 3/4-inch-thick pine to 3/4 inch wide to make shelf cleats. Crosscut 10 pieces to 11-7/8 inches long using a stop block with a mitersaw or tablesaw. Or use a stop block on a circular saw crosscutting jig, as shown above.

Shelf Layout Diagram
Safety First: Have a Helper for Full-Sheet Cuts

Always have an assistant when you cut full sheets of plywood on the tablesaw. The assistant can move around the saw to support the sheet as you push the sheet through the blade. Make sure your assistant just holds the sheet level and doesn't pull on or lift the sheet.

Continued on page 3:  Assembling the Case


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