How to Build a Kitchen Storage Bench

Lunexar says:
what thickness of plywood is recommended?
what thickness of plywood is recommended?
Cutting the bench sides Step 1

Lay out the outside cuts for each bench side and the divider as shown in the drawing below. Lay out the opening for the book box on the side that will be exposed. Score the layout lines with a sharp utility knife so the circular saw won't splinter the top veneer.

Side View
Step 2

For the three side pieces, place a circular saw straightedge guide along the layout line for the bench seat. Cut until the saw blade reaches the seat back line. Then cut the seat back line using the straightedge. Finish the cuts with a handsaw. Use the straightedge to cut the seat front line.

Step 3

To make the book box cutout, clamp the straightedge guide along a line. Position the front of the saw on the guide. Pull the saw's guard up, turn the saw on, and carefully lower the blade into the wood, checking first that the cut will start near a corner but won't overshoot.

Step 4

Stop the cut when you reach a corner. Repeat this process for all four sides of the cutout. Then finish the cutout with vertical handsaw strokes in each corner. You can also use a jigsaw to finish the cuts.

Finish the Cuts with a Handsaw: A few strokes make cuts meet

When you cut two lines to an intersecting point with a circular saw, the cuts won't be completed at the bottom. Finish the cuts with a jigsaw or handsaw.

Options to Consider: Make cutout with a jigsaw

Plunge-cutting with a circular saw is safer and easier than it looks, as long as you keep a firm grip on the saw and the blade is sharp. However, you may prefer to make the book box cutout with a jigsaw. To do this, first drill 1/4-inch holes in each corner of the box layout. Insert the jigsaw blade in the holes to make the cuts.

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Lunexar wrote:

what thickness of plywood is recommended?

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Awesome project. Thanks a lot

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