How to Build a Kitchen Storage Bench

Lunexar says:
what thickness of plywood is recommended?
what thickness of plywood is recommended?
Making the lid Step 1

Lay out the sides of the lid on the bench seat. (Make sure the beveled cut will be at the back.) Set a combination square to 2 inches and use it to guide a pencil as you lay out the back of the lid. Score the layout lines with a sharp utility knife.

Step 2

Rip and crosscut a piece of solid oak for the lid trim (O). Predrill holes, then attach the trim to the front of the bench seat with glue and 4d finishing nails. Keep the piece flush with the top and keep nails away from where you'll saw out the lid.

Step 3

Use a straightedge guide and plunge the circular saw to make the cut for the back of the lid. Then use the saw with the straightedge guide to make the side cuts. Finish the cuts with a handsaw or jigsaw.

Bench Seat Diagram
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Lunexar wrote:

what thickness of plywood is recommended?

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emmmanios wrote:

Awesome project. Thanks a lot

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