How to Build Modular, Contemporary Built-ins

Drill Shelf-Pin Holes Step 1

Make the shelf-pin drilling template from a piece of 1/4-inch plywood. To lay out the template holes, set a combination square to 2 inches and draw a line parallel to one side. Mark the centers of the holes along the line.

Step 2

Set a stop on a 1/4-inch drill bit to 7/8 inch so you'll drill 5/8-inch-deep holes. Put the template atop a side piece, flush with the front, and drill the holes. Then turn the template over, put it flush with the back of the side piece, and drill again.

Shelf-Pin Drilling Template
Guaranteed Alignment

Mark one end of your drilling template and one end of each shelf as TOP. Match the top designations when drilling and assembling. You'll have to turn the template over when drilling the second set of holes in a side. This way, all four holes for any shelf position will align perfectly, even if the template holes aren't perfectly spaced.

Refresher Course: Perforated Hardboard Makes a Handy Template

Perforated hardboard has 1/4-inch-diameter holes centered 1 inch apart so drilling every other hole will give you the spacing you need for the shelf-pin holes. Make a template the size of the Shelf-Pin Drilling Template, making sure holes start 8-1/4 inches from the top and 2 inches from side.

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