How to Build Recessed Shelves

Making the Shelves Step 1

Rip and crosscut the sides (A), top and bottom (B), back (C), and shelves (D). Sand the inside faces of the hardwood parts with 80-, 150-, and 220-grit sandpaper. Put the sides next to each other with the inside faces up and edges flush. Mark the positions of the shelves as shown in the diagram.

Step 2

Position the top on the sides and, if the sides are hardwood, predrill countersunk holes for two 1-1/2-inch drywall screws. Then apply glue to the ends of the sides and drive in the screws. Attach the bottom to the sides the same way.

Step 3

Attach the back with 1-inch brads and glue, making sure it is flush to all edges. Predrill with a 1/16-inch bit if you have trouble driving the brads.

Shelf Locations Diagram
Continued on page 4:  Making the Trim


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