Stationary Power Tools

This story shows how to set up a workshop in a basement or a garage.

Setting Up a Workshop

No matter what the size and shape of your workspace, there are some planning points that you can follow to create a successful layout.

-- Divide the space into several machining areas. Identify all the steps you go through to make a project, then establish workstations near each power tool associated with them.
-- Plan for flexibility and mobility. Center a tablesaw at an angle in the shop to provide space for ripping long stock and sheet goods. Place it and other large tools on mobile bases so they can be easily moved as necessary.
-- Allow for moving materials and projects in and out. Don't block doorways with hard-to-move tools.
-- Leave adequate space between equipment. You'll need at least 30 inches between benches and stationary tools, and 20 inches for walkways.

Typical basement plan

With mobile bases under the bandsaw, drill press, and tablesaw, you can move them as needed for work or storage.

The garage shop

In either a single-car garage or half of a double one, you want to be able to roll out the machines when you need them and store them against the wall to make room for a car when they're not in use. Mobile bases make it possible.

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