Crown Molding: How to Cut & Install Crown Moldings

crown molding

Crown moldings are popular, yet installation of these large moldings intimidates many homeowners. That's understandable because even the simplest mitering method requires you to position the molding upside down and backward in the miter box.

Projects in Crown Molding

Secrets Revealed
A compound mitersaw has several advantages over manual cutting: It removes much of the physical effort, it usually results in a cleaner cut, and it allows you to place the molding flat on the cutting table. Knowing exactly how to place the molding is the trick.

In this section of, you'll see the step-by-step processes involved in cutting and installing crown molding, whether you have an economical manual cutting guide or the latest sliding compound mitersaw. You'll see how to make templates that speed setups and virtually eliminate mistakes as well as how to use a special protractor to measure out-of-square corners (corners are almost always out of square).

Choose your crown
By combining stock moldings, you can create a unique installation for your home. If your taste runs to massive moldings, take a look at the choices offered by lightweight plastic crown moldings. The intricate patterns cast into the moldings give your home the charm of old-world craftsmanship without heavy expense or heavy lifting.

Uplights and crown moldings
Imagine soft uplights from a crown trough adding drama to an entry foyer or gently glowing down the length of a hall. In an entertainment room, they'll virtually eliminate reflections from the television screen while still maintaining a comfortable lighting level. Along one wall or all the way around a room, uplights add a great look.

Coffered ceilings
Coffered ceiling construction techniques go back to ancient times. Some of the rooms found in Egyptian pyramids have coffered ceilings. But you can add a coffered ceiling to your home without recruiting a workforce of thousands of people. In fact, one helper and perhaps a drywall lift will be all the help you'll need.

One Hour or Less

Three simple projects to cross off of your to-do list -- just print these instructions and begin!