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Living Room with Trimwork

Moldings give a room personality. Tacking up some generic moldings makes a room look like millions of others, but installing a few stylish moldings brings it to life.

Projects in Home Design Styles

Express Yourself
Most homeowners want to express at least a little about themselves through their homes. For some, a spark of originality is enough. But others want to ignite a bonfire of individuality.

Wherever you are in the spectrum of self-expression, you'll need a starting point of inspiration.

Inspiration takes many forms. Seeing wainscoting on a wall may bring memories of sun-drenched summer days at a beach cottage to some people. For others, the warm tones of an Arts and Crafts interior may evoke a feeling of serenity and security. Still others will delight in the visual exuberance of a Victorian home.

The best style for you is the one that feels like home. It should bring a powerful and undeniable emotional response that you may not be able to put into words. Instead of a style other people may like but you ultimately will not, pick the style you feel most comfortable with.

Get out the rule book
After you settle on a general style, you may find yourself studying appealing installations, trying to learn the rules behind the style. But instead of rigid regulations, think of what you learn as general guidelines, and realize that even those are frequently shattered.

For example, some people will advocate a wainscot that's 36 inches tall, but others will recommend soaring it to 60 inches. Which one is correct? Both are. That's why you'll sometimes have to resort to mock-ups or chalk lines snapped onto the wall to help you better visualize the completed installation.

Enjoy the process
Individualizing your house isn't as much a destination as a journey. Along the way, you'll cherish discoveries of things you enjoy and discard notions that don't work for you. Enjoy the exploration, and along the way you'll transform your house into a home.

Wish-list Projects

Making these dreams come true is simpler than you thought -- print these instructions to begin!