Victorian Style

If there's one guiding principle behind the Victorian style, it's that anything worth doing is worth doing excessively.

Rooms of the period were often decked out in exuberant combinations of colors and patterns that many people today would think positively garish. So what passes as Victorian today is relatively mild -- even with its bold hues, florid wallpaper, and ornate accents. Even though Victorian is nearly no-holds-barred, use a bit of discretion to keep your room from becoming gaudy.

A hardworking trio of chair rail, wall frames, and baseboard helps establish the style of this room. The stark contrast between the green walls and white trim makes each more intense. The stair brackets echo the floral themes of the wallpaper. Installing brackets is no more complicated than spreading adhesive and driving a few brads. Presto! You've added Victorian flair.


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