Two-level deck with wide stairs and a pergola

Learn about multi-level decks with a pergola and wide stairs. Find tips and information on angled decking, railing, pergolas, multi-level decks, and more. From DIY Advice.
Angled decking

On the upper level, the angled decking adds a custom look that is easy to achieve. Decking pieces run at 45-degree angles to a center strip. If the angled pieces were to butt against each other, the joints would have to be perfect. But the center strip allows the deck to look great without requiring perfect cuts.

As long as the center strip is positioned accurately, most of the decking pieces will be exactly the same size, so they can be cut rapidly.

Spacious stairs

The stairs are 8 feet wide and 14 inches deep. The spacious size allows the stairs to double as seating, which comes in especially handy when you are entertaining large groups. The landing at the bottom of the stairs, made of patio pavers on a sand bed, creates a graceful transition from deck to yard.

Railing and pergola

The posts and railing sections can be prefabricated to produce a neater final product. The pergola, with slats overhead, provides space for hanging plants and a privacy screen. Like the skirt around the base of the deck, the screen is made from vinyl lattice.


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