Installing Doors: How to Install a New Door in Your Home

installing door

Whether you want to replace an existing door or cut a hole in a wall and install a new doorway, there is a wide range of door styles and types to choose from.

Projects in Installing Doors

The advantage of prehungs
This section shows how to frame for and install interior and exterior doors of all types. Before you replace a door with another of the same type, consider other possibilities. For instance, you may be able to replace a standard exterior door with a larger patio door. A pocket door can sometimes replace a regular interior door and save space at the same time; a 3-foot-wide door to a laundry room can often be widened to 6 feet or so with bifold or sliding doors.

If you buy a simple door unattached to jambs, you will face several difficult chores. You may need to cut the door to fit the existing doorjambs, which can be difficult if the jambs are not square. You will also need to bore holes for the lockset and chisel mortises for the hinges. These tasks are not easy. Errors could cause you to ruin a door.

Those are some of the reasons why even expert carpenters prefer prehung doors. A prehung door has factory-installed hinges and precisely drilled holes, ensuring that the door will fit correctly and close easily and tightly. Even if your doorway is in relatively good shape, it is often better to remove the existing casing and jambs and install a prehung unit.

Wish-list Projects

Making these dreams come true is simpler than you thought -- print these instructions to begin!