Installing Bifold Doors

This story shows how to install closet bifold doors.


Bifold doors can be installed easily in almost any opening. They can be used for closet doors, privacy, or controlling heat and airflow between rooms. Their advantages include ease of installation and minimal swing requirements. However, they take up more space in the door opening than swinging doors.

Bifold door kits -- with plastic, metal, or wooden doors -- come in a variety of styles, including louvered, paneled, and smooth. The kits fit most standard-width openings, although the maximum width of a single door is 24 inches. Units can be combined to cover openings up to 16 feet wide. Wooden doors can be trimmed for a better fit; plastic doors cannot be trimmed. (If you trim a wooden door kit, each door must be trimmed equally.) Two heights are available -- one to fit standard 6-foot 8-inch openings, the other for 8-foot floor-to-ceiling applications.

Prestart Checklist

About 1 hour for a pair of doors

Drill/driver, level, tape measure

Leveling the track, locating and installing hardware

The opening should be complete with wooden jambs or drywall hung and finished; casings can be installed later

Bifold door hardware kit, doors, shims

Step 1

Bifold doors require a track similar to that used by bypass doors. Screw the track to the top of the opening. The doors pivot on pins protruding from the top and bottom. The pins engage brackets attached to the floor or jamb and the track.

Step 2

Attach the roller or pin guide to the free end of the doors. This guide rides in the track and keeps the door in alignment.

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allkind-com-au wrote:

Nothing like a timber bifold door to open up a room or area - just love them.

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rleiknes wrote:

this sucks

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