Picture Frame Casing

This story shows you how to trim out a window with picture frame casing.

Trimming Out a Window

Before you start trimming a window, finish the surrounding walls. If you cut out a large opening for installing a new window, that probably means you need to install new drywall. Attach the drywall and apply three coats of joint compound, sanding between each coat.

If you will stain the new trim, paint the wall first. Apply stain and finish to the trim before installing it, so you will only have to touch up the cut ends and nail holes later. If you will paint the trim, you can paint the wall after the trim is installed.

The jambs must be flush with the wall surface. If the jambs do not extend out to the wall surface, install strips of wood to extend the jambs outward. If the jambs are proud of the wall, plane them down.

Prestart Checklist

About 2 hours to install basic window trim; more time is required for more complicated situations.

Tape measure, hammer or power nailer, nail set, hand miter box with backsaw or power miter box, jigsaw, level, combination square, drill

Careful measuring and precise cutting

Install the window and the surrounding wall surface.

The casing and stool material of your choice; 3d, 6d, and 8d finish nails; wood putty

Picture frame casing: Step 1

If the window has no stool, draw reveal lines on all four jambs. (You may need to install jamb extensions on the bottom jamb.) Cut one side of each of the side casing pieces and mark for cutting the other side.

Picture frame casing: Step 2

Tack the side casing pieces in place. Fasten the pieces at each end, being careful to line them up with the reveal lines.

Picture frame casing: Step 3

Set the top piece upside down on the tips of the side casing pieces and mark for the miter cuts. Do the same for the bottom.

Picture frame casing: Step 4

On a large work surface, glue, clamp, and nail the pieces together. If one miter joint is not tight, you can slightly adjust the others to make it tighter. Apply the frame as one piece.

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