Removing Patching and Wood Siding

This story shows you how to remove and patch wood siding.


Remodeling work is more challenging than new construction because often you must cut the opening, reconfigure the framing, install the unit, then patch the walls on the inside and the outside to make it look like the new window or door was always there. The next six pages show some common demolition and patching methods.

Before you begin demolition, be sure to locate any electrical, plumbing, or low-voltage lines running through the section you plan to remove. If you are at all unsure of what you encounter, hire a professional contractor, at least as a consultant.

Electrical lines can usually be rerouted without a great deal of effort, but to do this yourself you must have an understanding of wiring methods. Shut off the power to the circuit before touching the lines.

Plumbing gets messier. Supply pipes can be moved fairly easily, but drain and vent pipes are usually difficult to reroute. The same applies for heating or air-conditioning ducts. If any of these obstacles are present, hire a plumber or find a new place to install the window or door.

Removing wood siding: Step 1

Drill locator holes from the inside to mark the four corners of the cutout. Use a pencil and straightedge or a chalkline to mark the siding. Temporarily attach a 1x4 guide board just inside a cutline.

Removing wood siding: Step 2

Set the saw blade to cut through the siding and the sheathing while the saw's base is resting on the guide board.

Removing wood siding: Step 3

Holding the saw's base firmly against the guide board and watching that the blade moves right beside the guide board, cut along the lines. Stop at each corner.

Removing wood siding: Step 4

Tap shims into the bottom cut so that the section will not slip down while you work. Finish the cuts at the corners using a reciprocating saw, jigsaw, or handsaw.

Removing wood siding: Step 5

Remove the section. If the siding and sheathing are attached to an interior stud, have a helper pound out from the inside of the house while you hold the section.

Patching wood siding: Step 1

You may need to cut back individual pieces of siding so you can "weave" in the patching pieces and avoid an odd-looking rectangular section. To do this, tap shims under the piece above, and cut using a keyhole saw. You may need to use a hacksaw blade or a mini hacksaw to cut through some nails.

Patching wood siding: Step 2

Cover any exposed sheathing with pieces of roofing felt or building wrap. The new paper should overlap the old by at least 3 inches. Cut the bottom piece of siding to fit and slide it up and into place; you may need to pry out the piece above. Whenever possible position nails so they will be covered by the piece above.

Patching wood siding: Step 3

Continue working up. Where you need to drive a nail near the end of a siding piece, drill a pilot hole first to prevent splitting the board.

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