Home Door Repair: How to Repair a Any Door in Your House

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Doors are less complicated than windows, but they are opened and closed more often. As a result most homes have one or more doors that do not close easily and tightly and are in need of some repair.

Projects in Door Repairs

Easy upgrades
In most cases the problem can be diagnosed with a quick inspection. The door may be rubbing against the frame on the side or the top, or against the threshold at the bottom. The latch may be malfunctioning or the bolt may not be aligned with the strike. Often one or more screws in a hinge may be loose.

Most door repairs can be performed in less than an hour. If the door itself needs to be cut or planed, a larger investment of time is required. If a door is coming apart or warping, it usually needs to be replaced.

This section starts with repairs to interior room doors, which are the ones most likely to have problems. Most of the techniques shown for interior doors also apply to exterior doors. You'll also find out how to repair storm doors, sliders, and closet doors, as well as how to replace a threshold and a sill.

You can easily improve a door's security or appearance by installing a new lock or handle. Installing new trim for interior or exterior doors is an easy way to change the look of a room or the front of the house. And if you have a door that lets in cold drafts, it can be made tighter and more energy-efficient by adding easy-to-install weatherstripping.

Wish-list Projects

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