Repairing Bifold and Sliding Doors

schytigergmail says:
what about an atypical bifold door? I can't seem to attach a picture here but cannot figure out how ...... more
what about an atypical bifold door? I can't seem to attach a picture here but cannot figure out how to remove a bi-fold door that seems bolted into a 4 roller mechanism on top...??
This story shows how to fix bifold doors and adjust sliding doors.

Most sliding closet doors hang by rollers from a track above. Bifold doors are anchored at the bottom and top of one side. On the opposite side a guide pin slides through a top channel. Parts for these doors are readily available at home centers, hardware stores, or online.

If you have a sliding closet door that glides on a bottom track, clean the track with a damp cloth to ensure smooth gliding. Lubricate the rollers but not the track, because lubricant will act as a magnet for dust. Remove a door by lifting and tilting the bottom out. If a roller is stuck, unscrew and remove it. If cleaning does not solve the problem, replace the roller unit.

Prestart Checklist

An hour or less for most repairs, once you have the parts in hand

Screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pliers, drill

Using basic carpentry tools

Clear the area and make sure there are no obstructions hindering door operation.

Closet door parts, which come with mounting screws and other hardware

How a Bifold Works

Bifold doors are light (some are louvered and some are hollow-core), so the hardware is not heavy-duty. A top pin, which is spring-loaded so you can lift the door up and out, inserts into a bracket that can be moved to the left or right. The bottom pin rests in a bracket with a number of setting points for easy adjustment. The top roller slides through a track.

Fixing bifolds: Doors close too tightly

Bifold doors should be parallel with the frame and each other when there are double bifolds in an opening. A bifold should close snugly but not too tightly. To adjust the door's position at the bottom, simply lift at the bottom and move the pin over to another position on the bracket.

Fixing bifolds: Adust top position

To adjust the top position, partially open the door. Loosen the bracket's screw, slide the door over, and tighten the screw.

Fixing bifolds: Adjust height

To adjust a bifold's height, use an adjustable wrench, a pair of pliers, or the wrench that comes with the hardware. Twist the nut surrounding the pin to raise or lower the door.

Fixing bifolds: Adjust bracket

If the bracket is too low (or sunk below carpeting), remove the door and the bracket. Cut a shim to fit under the bracket and reinstall the bracket.

Fixing bifolds: Repair parts need flanges

Repair parts are easily installed; some simply push into holes, while others attach with a screw or two. If a pin or roller hole is enlarged or the door is cracked, a replacement part may not anchor securely. Buy a repair part with a flange that can be screwed to either side of the hole. If the door is badly damaged, replace it.

Adjusting sliders: Adjust height

To adjust the height of a hanging slider, loosen the adjusting screws on a roller bracket, move the door up or down, and retighten the screws. If your roller bracket is not adjustable, buy replacement brackets.

Adjusting sliders: Adjust bottom guide

The doors slide through a bottom guide on the floor. If the guide is out of alignment, adjust the guide and drive longer screws. If the guide is not high enough to capture the doors, place a small shim under the guide.

Adjusting sliders: Remove hanging closet door

To remove a hanging closet door, remove the guide. Look for access slots on the track. Slide the rollers to the slots, lift the door, and tilt the bottom out.


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schytigergmail wrote:

what about an atypical bifold door? I can't seem to attach a picture here but cannot figure out how to remove a bi-fold door that seems bolted into a 4 roller mechanism on top...??

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This was very helpful, more so than the first web site i went to. Thanks

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