Sliding Patio Door Repairs

anonymous says:
My patio sliding glass door is locked and won't open
My patio sliding glass door is locked and won't open
This story shows how to make some basic repairs to a sliding patio door.

The heavy panels of a patio door glide on rollers at the bottom; the top track is a guide only. If a door is difficult to slide, first vacuum out the track, which collects debris easily. Avoid applying lubricant to the track; it will only attract more dust and dirt. If the door still won't glide, you may need to adjust or replace the rollers.

Patio screen doors are easily bent and damaged. It is sometimes best to replace one rather than going to the trouble of trying to fix it.

Prestart Checklist

An hour or less for most repairs

Screwdriver, hammer, pliers

Basic mechanical skills

Clean the upper and lower tracks for both the patio door and screen door.

New roller or other part as needed, small block of wood

Remove patio door

To remove a patio door, slide it to the center of the opening. With a helper lift the door up, then swing the bottom out. If the second door is fixed in place, remove any brackets and remove it the same way.

Straighten bent track

A bent track can be partially straightened. Cut a block of hardwood to fit tightly in the track and tap with a hammer. The bottom track is separate from the rest of the frame and can be easily replaced.

Adjust door

A door that's difficult to slide may need to be adjusted upward or downward at either end. The adjusting screws may be at the bottom face of the door or at the ends.

Loosen stuck rollers

If the rollers are stuck, remove the door, lay it on its side, remove the adjusting screw, and pry out the roller assembly. If cleaning the unit does not restore smooth operation, replace it.

Install new screen roller

A screen roller may be attached with a screw or with a pin that can be pulled out with a screwdriver or long-nose pliers. Buy an exact replacement and install it.


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anonymous wrote:

My patio sliding glass door is locked and won't open

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