Storm Door Repairs

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This story shows how to repair some of the common problems that occur with storm doors.

Storm doors are often made with flimsy parts, including the latch, hinge, and closer. Fortunately these parts are easy to replace. However, you may find it worthwhile to replace the entire storm door with a more substantial and weather-resistant one if it has several problems.

Most parts can be found at a home center. If you do not find the part you need, try searching Internet sources.

Prestart Checklist

An hour or so for most repairs

Screwdriver, drill, pliers

Basic mechanical skills

Check the door for binding and other obstructions that could be causing problems.

Replacement parts to match, spray lubricant

Spray the latch

Spray the latch and any moving parts -- including where panes slide -- with lubricant to keep them in smooth working order.

Install replacement closer

Closers lose their dampening power over time. To install a replacement closer, use a drill with a screwdriver bit to attach the jamb-side bracket, then the screws that hold the closer to the door.

Adjust closer tension

Adjust a closer to the correct tension by turning the adjustment screw at the end of the cylinder.

Tighten piano-type hinge

Try driving longer screws if the long piano-type hinge comes loose. You may need to drill pilot holes and drive them at an angle so they catch solid wood.

Install wind chain

A wind chain keeps the door from blowing wide open, which can damage the hinge. It installs easily with a few screws.


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