Replacing Screening in a Metal Frame

This story shows you how to repair screening in a metal frame.

Screen and Storm Window Repairs

Metal storm and screen windows are frequent troublemakers, partly because they are often of poor quality and may have been hastily installed. You can sometimes -- but not always -- purchase replacement parts; manufacturers are often regional and may be out of business. For a tighter seal consider installing better-quality storms.

Prestart Checklist

1 or 2 hours to make most repairs

Hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, spline roller, utility knife

General carpentry skills

Remove and inspect storm sashes. Contact manufacturers for parts as needed.

Screening and glass as needed

Replacing screening in a metal frame: Step 1

Use a straight (regular) screwdriver to pry the vinyl spline up at a corner. Pull the spline out with your fingers. If the spline is in good shape and you pull carefully so it doesn't stretch, you can reuse the old spline. Otherwise buy new spline material. Cut a piece of screening several inches larger than the frame.

Replacing screening in a metal frame: Step 2

Have a helper hold the screening at one end while you pull it taut and and use the convex side of a spline roller to press the screen into a groove. Then use the concave side to push the spline into the frame. Cut the spline with a utility knife when you get to the end of a line. Trim excess screen.

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