Replacing Screening in a Wood Frame

This story shows you how to repair screen and storm windows.

Screen and Storm Window Repairs

Storm and screen windows made with wood frames may seem old-fashioned, but they can last many decades and seal effectively if properly maintained. To add weatherstripping that can make wood storms serious protection against cold-air infiltration.

Repair rotted wood with two-part epoxy filler. Missing or broken pieces of screen mold are easy to replace. You may not be able to find an exact match for old screen mold, but you can probably find a pretty close substitute.

Prestart Checklist

1 or 2 hours to make most repairs

Hammer, tape measure, putty knife, tin snips, chisel, flat pry bar, drill, pliers, stapler

General carpentry skills

Remove and inspect storm sashes. Contact manufacturers for parts as needed.

Screening and glass as needed, exterior wood glue or polyurethane glue, dowels, finish nails

Replacing screening in a wood frame: Step 1

Use a putty knife, then a flat pry bar to remove the screen molding. If you work carefully you can often do this without breaking the molding.

Replacing screening in a wood frame: Step 2

Place the window on a table or a pair of sawhorses with 2x4s across them. Slip 2x2s under each end and clamp or weigh down the middle so the frame is bowed.

Replacing screening in a wood frame: Step 3

Use tin snips to cut screening about 2 inches wider and longer than the frame. Place the piece on top of the frame. Working from the center toward the ends, staple the screening to the wood, pulling it taut as you go.

Replacing screening in a wood frame: Step 4

Remove the clamps or weights. When the frame straightens, the screening will be pulled taut. Replace the screen molding or install new molding. Drive nails through new holes or drive larger nails through the old holes. Trim excess screen.

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