How to Install Raised Panel Drywall

Add raised panels to your drywall layout to achieve an architectural look once only gained through expensive carpentry.


A room decorated with raised-panel walls or ceiling was always considered a sign of wealth. Besides the expense of the materials, the homeowner had to pay a skilled finish carpenter for the time-consuming and tedious work of fitting the framework and panels. But an innovative drywall product transforms this look into a do-it-yourself project with no fancy carpentry skills involved.

Although you'll probably need to special-order the panels, you'll find a variety of designs that work well as a wainscot treatment, as an upper-wall design, or even for ceiling application. You don't have to cover your entire wall or ceiling; you can center your design and fill in the edges with regular drywall panels.

Careful layout is essential, so invest the time needed to create careful sketches of your project. The manufacturer's Web site offers helpful design suggestions.

The easiest installation method involves using the decorative panels as the overlay in a two-thickness wall.


Depends on the size and complexity of your project

Chalk line, nylon mason's line, line level, caulking gun, hammer or drywall screw gun

Leveling, accurate measuring and marking, driving fasteners

Framing completed, first layer of drywall installed

Decorative panels and regular drywall, drywall panel adhesive, nails or screws

Step 1

Carefully measure your walls, and plan your layout. Don't feel that you need to cover every square inch with decorative panels. You can use ordinary drywall as filler strips and for flat wall surfaces.

Step 2

Transfer layout marks from your drawing to the room. Lines marked on the floor indicate the first panel's position, and nails driven into the sidewalls support a leveled nylon mason's line about 3/4 inch away from the installation surface.

Step 3

Untie one end of the level line so you can apply adhesive to the wall. Press the panel against the wall while a helper resets the level line. Level to the edge of the pattern, not the edge of the panel itself. Drive screws to secure the panel.

Step 4

Repeat the process to install the next panel. This time you'll level the panels again, but you also need to measure between the edges of the pattern to maintain consistent spacing.

Step 5

Install all the decorative panels, then fill in with flat drywall. Tape and finish the joints in the usual manner.

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