Decorative & Special Drywall Finishes

ceiling medallion

The primary objective of framing, drywall hanging, and finishing is the production of smooth surfaces -- plumb walls and flat ceilings where neither your hand nor eye detects a single seam or fastener. But many people find that such perfect surfaces are a bit boring. Some homeowners simply can't resist the temptation to create textures, install a medallion, or apply stenciled decorations. And even those who can resist all of those urges will hang shelves, pictures, and mirrors on their walls.

Projects in Decorative Finishes

Richly textured
Ceilings are a favorite target for textures. Contractors love spraying them with a texture called "popcorn" or "cottage cheese." Although the contractor's primary motivation is to boost his profit by skipping the work of sanding the ceiling, the texture does have a decorative purpose as well.

If you want to texture your walls, you can choose from an enormous spectrum of effects applied with an impressive variety of tools and methods. You can select the mild texture of a sand finish all the way to a bold stucco effect.

Ceiling medallions and stenciling
Despite their modest cost, ceiling medallions pack a powerful decorative punch. A properly sized medallion teams up with a ceiling fixture to produce an impressive effect. And a medallion is so easy to install that you'll almost feel guilty accepting the compliments you'll receive on its great looks.

If you've ever stenciled with paint, you'll immediately recognize the concept behind dimensional stenciling (sometimes called plaster stenciling). Instead of paint and a brush, you use drywall compound and a knife. Another surprise: This effect is much easier than stenciling with paint.

Fastening into drywall
After you've invested all the time and energy to complete your walls, drilling openings for drywall anchors may seem like an unholy act. But unless you're content to stare at blank walls, you'll need to create secure anchor points for hanging pictures, mirrors, and shelves. We've covered a wide selection of fasteners so you can pick the one that's just right for your needs.

One Hour or Less

Three simple projects to cross off of your to-do list -- just print these instructions and begin!