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drywall supplies

Most people think drywall is a generic product that offers a limited number of choices: a couple of thicknesses and a few different lengths. But even if you've already heard about fire-rated and moisture-resistant panels, you may not know about sag-resistant ceiling panels, abuse-resistant sheets, and foil-backed panels. You'll also discover special bending drywall as well as sound-control panels, backerboard, and even dimensional products that mimic the raised-panel look.

Projects in Materials and Supplies

Fasteners, tapes, and beads
Selecting the drywall itself is only part of the process. For a sturdy and long-lasting installation, you'll also need to choose fasteners that are compatible with the panel's thickness and the type of framing, either wood or steel studs. You'll even discover the correct screw-thread pattern for a variety of applications. Having the right tapes and beads for your project can make it relatively easy to get smooth seams and crisp corners -- even if you're a beginner. And while you're buying your supplies, pick up a few patch kits. They transform mistakes, such as a miscut electrical box, from a catastrophe into a minor inconvenience.

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