Arched Drywall Ideas

This story shows you how easy it is to use arched drywall.

If you're ready to give your home a design element with enduring good looks, consider the classic arch. Examples built during the Roman Empire survive to this day, and they still never fail to delight the eyes of tourists.

Although the Roman engineers often chose the arch for structural reasons, your arch will probably skip the heavy lifting and concentrate on style.

Make a bold opening statement

Framing an arched opening is a job that's well within the range of the do-it-yourself enthusiast. And doing your own construction is more than a money-saving strategy. It also allows you to customize the opening exactly the way you want it.

For example, you can design an arch that echoes the sweep of a favorite cabinet or piece of furniture. See the photo at right to see how the curves in wood and drywall reinforce each other. You'll also see repeating architectural curves in the photo below. Notice how the arched opening in the foreground mirrors the shape of the bow-top window in the distance.

Explore even more possibilities

Modern drywall tapes and beads offer several design choices. The familiar square-edge bead produces crisp corners that have a contemporary look. But you can also choose bullnose beads in several radii for a softer, more flowing appearance.

Many arches represent true circular segments, but there's no law that prohibits you from exploring parabolic shapes, catenary curves, elliptical segments, multi-axis arches, and even asymmetrical openings. Go for it.


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