Curved Drywalls are Easier Than Ever to Build

cedwardsfulcru says:
You can buy pre-fabricated curved panels from No need for extra framing norma...... more
You can buy pre-fabricated curved panels from No need for extra framing normally needed to flex the drywall around.
This story shows you how easy it is to make curved walls.

You may well wonder how you can start with straight studs and flat sheets of drywall and end up with smoothly sweeping curves. But even though the results may seem magical, creating curves is a straightforward process. In fact, with the introduction of an innovative segmented track, building a curved wall has never been easier or more certain.

Curves have an undeniable universal appeal because they mimic the flows and rhythms of nature far more gracefully than straight lines and stark angles ever can.

Curves demand careful planning

As you might suspect, a curved wall is a bit more difficult to construct than a flat wall, but you'll discover that the process is more a matter of careful planning than mysterious or difficult techniques.The accompanying photo sequence shows you every step in building a wall. The other key piece of information you'll need is the chart of minimum bending radii for various thicknesses of drywall. It's exhaustively complete, giving you the minimum curve achievable for all standard thicknesses applied both wet and dry, bent across both length and width.

Again, you'll see a step-by-step demonstration that removes every bit of uncertainty from the techniques that you'll use. The scale of the project doesn't change your method of work -- only the scale of the pieces. So you'll utilize a similar approach to craft a curved soffit, a half-wall, a full-height wall, or even a curved staircase.

With all of the data charts and technique reference material at your fingertips, you'll find that it's not a difficult learning curve.

Tear down this wall

After you've satisfied yourself about the "how" of curved walls, you'll begin looking around your house to see exactly where you can build one.

If your home has a choppy floor plan that you'd like to open, consider tearing down some full-height walls and marking the boundaries of activity areas with a curved half-wall. Take the concept one step further and eliminate the walls, utilizing a curved soffit as a visual cue to define areas without enclosing them. This soffit suggestion is particularly apt for a basement remodel. You'll probably need to build a soffit anyway to conceal utility runs, so make the architectural feature also serve decorative and boundary roles.

Pitching even more curves

As you start thinking more about curves, you'll discover new possibilities around every corner.

Between your kitchen and family room, for example, consider a new counter with undulating edges atop a wavy half-wall. Or transform a homely kitchen soffit into a curvaceous beauty.

But don't limit your imagination to only curves along vertical planes. After all, a barrel-vaulted ceiling is simply a curved wall that's been relocated. So as you're looking around for creative opportunities, don't forget to also look up.


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You can buy pre-fabricated curved panels from No need for extra framing normally needed to flex the drywall around.

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Check us out at'll make bending tack easy

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how to build curved dry wall

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curved drywall

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