Ceiling Medallions and Wall Medallions for an Upscale Image

This story shows you how to use ceiling medallions
Medallions are the Fast Track to an Upscale Image

Ceiling medallions were once found only in extremely upscale environments like the old motion picture palaces and in the private residences of the socially elite. There was a simple reason for that: You had to be wealthy to afford the time and talents of a master plaster craftsman.

But modern plastics technology excels at reproducing rich detail, slashing weight, and making an extremely expensive item very affordable. And perhaps best of all, the skill component has virtually disappeared.

Choices, choices, and more choices

No matter the architecture and decorating style of your room, you'll find a medallion that's just your style. The spectrum ranges from the fantastically floral designs typical of Victorian taste to simple lines that complement modern decor.

Selecting the right size of medallion is another important step. As a general guideline, choose a medallion with a diameter that equals or slightly exceeds the greatest diameter of the lighting fixture that will be beneath it. If the medallion is too small, it will make the fixture appear incongruously large. And a jumbo medallion will dwarf your light fixture. The Goldilocks principle applies here: not too big and not too small but just right.

Ceiling fans and large chandeliers are two examples when the guideline doesn't apply. In those instances, simply select a large medallion -- in the 24- to 36-inch range.

Installation is fast and easy

Many medallions have a 4-inch central hole to match the typical ceiling electrical box. If you're not using the medallion where you need the hole, filling it is literally a snap. Simply pop in a rosette (usually sold separately) in a matching style.

In fact, you'll spend most of your time removing and reinstalling the light fixture. If electrical work isn't one of your strengths, you have several choices: hire an electrician, select a split-ring design, or choose a centerless ring that you can maneuver around the fixture without removing it.

Ceiling medallions and other polyurethane products accept paint well. If you're applying a faux finish, you'll find it easier to complete those steps prior to installation.

Complementary products

Manufacturers also utilize polyurethane for a wide range of other decorative products, including fireplace mantels, door surround kits, precast wall niches, molding strips, and even crown moldings.

To make the crown molding even easier to install, you?ll also find inside and outside corner blocks that eliminate the need for tedious coping and mitering.


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