Drywall Tools

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If a visit to the home center or hardware store makes you feel like a sweet-toothed kid in a candy store, you may be showing signs of becoming a tool addict. Keep a firm grip on the shopping cart, eyes straight ahead, and follow these pointers to help you buy the best tools without draining your bank account.

Projects in Drywall Tools

Specialized and not-so- specialized tools
Even when you stumble across incredible deals, fight the urge to become a tool collector. Don't put that "I've always wanted" tool into your shopping cart until you absolutely need it for a project. A tool purchased because you think you might need it someday is destined to collect dust for years.

Follow this rule: When you do need a tool, purchase the best quality you can afford. This rule is especially important for drywall knives. At first glance, you may not be able tell much difference between a top-quality drywall knife and its lookalike cousin from the bargain bin. But the resiliency of the tool's steel is critical to achieving a smooth application of drywall compound. With the right tools, you'll get better results with reduced effort and in less time.

On the following pages, you'll discover that the drywall trade has some specialized equipment. Fortunately, most of the hand tools -- even those that are top quality -- are reasonably priced. And even more fortunately, you'll find that you can easily rent high-dollar items like a drywall lift at a sensible price from a local rental yard. Check the prices at several companies to find the best price.

As you gather the tools for your project, you'll find that you probably already have a number of them on hand. A chalk line and utility knife, for example, are toolbox "must-haves," but don't forget to check your inventory of powdered marking chalk and replacement knife blades before you begin your project. Squinting at faint lines or trying to make do with a dull blade will slow down your progress and can lead to mistakes. Gypsum drywall is very abrasive, and it quickly blunts cutting edges. Change the blade at the first sign of dullness.

Wish-list Projects

Making these dreams come true is simpler than you thought -- print these instructions to begin!