Pulling Wires Through Conduit


If wires travel less than 6 feet through conduit and make only one or two turns, you may be able to simply push them through. For longer runs use a fish tape.

If wires become kinked while you work, they get stuck. Have a helper feed the wire carefully from one end of the conduit while you pull at the other end. If you work alone, precut the wires (leave yourself an extra 2 feet or so) and unroll them so they can slide smoothly through the conduit.

Team Up to Pull Wire Through Conduit
Pull wires from box to box. If there are more than three turns between boxes, use a pulling elbow.

Step 1

At a box or pulling elbow, push the fish tape into the conduit and thread it back to the point of entry.

Step 2

Strip 6 inches of insulation from one wire, 8 inches from another wire, 10 inches from a third wire, and so on. Fold the wires over the fish tape, as shown, and wrap tightly with electrician's tape.

Step 3

Pull smoothly, using long strokes to avoid stopping and starting. If the wires get stuck, back up a foot or so and start again.

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