Installing PVC Conduit


Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit
Have a salesperson help you assemble all the parts you need: conduit, couplings, elbows, sweeps, and PVC boxes. Connect to a metal box using a terminal adapter.

Flexible plastic tubing is a convenient way to channel wiring. Blue corrugated EMT tubing is used for indoor installations; moisture-impermeable tubing is used outdoors. Both come in long coils. Check to see whether your local codes allow these products.

Step 1

Install PVC boxes, then measure and mark the conduit for a cut. Cut with a backsaw and miter box, a hacksaw, or a circular saw equipped with a plywood blade.

Step 2

Use alignment marks to ensure that the pieces face in the correct direction. Apply PVC primer (if needed) and cement to the outside of the conduit and to the inside of the fitting.

Step 3

Immediately push the conduit into the fitting, twisting slightly to align the marks. Hold the pieces together for about 10 seconds; wipe away excess cement.

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