Splicing Wire


Before making an electrical connection, you must strip the insulation from the end of a wire. This is a simple process, but it's important to do it right so you don't damage the copper wire. Use a wire stripper instead of a knife or wire cutter. It takes a little practice to learn how to make firm splices. The right tool is essential: Nothing does the job like a pair of lineman's pliers.

Always take a few moments to check your work. Check the bare wire after you strip it to make sure it is not gouged. After splicing wires and adding the correct size wire nut, tug on the wires to make sure they are securely joined.

Step 1

Hold the stripped wire ends tightly next to each other. Grip both ends with lineman's pliers. Twist clockwise with the pliers until you feel more resistance, then stop. Twisting too hard could break a wire. Practice on scrap wire before you start a project.

Step 2

Cut the tails off the tip of the splice with diagonal cutters or lineman's pliers. This makes it easy to push the splice into a wire nut and ensures that both wires are held firmly together. Trim so that about 3/4 inch of spliced wire remains.

Step 3

Choose a wire nut to fit the size and number of wires you have spliced. Push the spliced wires in, then twist the nut clockwise to tighten. Tug on the wires to make sure the connection is tight, then wrap the bottom of the nut with electrician's tape.

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