Installing Pendent Lights


Replacing a ceiling fixture with a pendant light or chandelier is usually simple. Study the pendant's mounting system before you start the project.

To adjust the height of a fixture that hangs by a chain, remove or add links. On other types you may need to alter the length of the cord or cable.

A heavy fixture may require a fan-rated ceiling box.


About 2 hours to remove an existing fixture and install a new pendant fixture

Screwdriver, long-nose pliers, strippers, side cutters, lineman's pliers, voltage tester, nonconducting ladder

Stripping wire, splicing stranded wire to solid wire

Spread a drop cloth on the floor and set up a ladder.

New pendant fixture, wire nuts, electrician's tape

Step 1

Shut off power to the circuit and remove the old fixture. Screw a nipple into a strap so the nipple hangs down about 3/4 inch. Screw on the fixture's retaining nut.

Step 2

Thread wires through the chain. Cut and strip the wire ends. Splice the ribbed wire to the house's white wire and the other wire to the black house wire. Connect the grounds.

Step 3

Fold the wires into the box. Slide the canopy up against the ceiling and tighten the canopy nut.

Installing a Pendant with a Downrod

A pendant light with a solid downrod or a round cord typically attaches to the canopy with two nuts, one on either side of the canopy. The canopy attaches to the box with two screws.

Installing a Pendant with a Retaining Ring

Some lightweight pendant fixtures with chains do not attach directly to the box. A retaining ring secures the chain to the canopy, and the canopy attaches to the box.

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How do you relocate a hanging light fixture about 16".

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