Installing Low Voltage Track Lights


High-tech-looking Eurostyle lights are readily available at lighting stores and home centers. They appear complicated but are easy to install. Some units simply plug into a receptacle.

Low-voltage halogens save on energy use, but the bulbs get hot. Keep the lights out of the reach of children and away from combustible surfaces such as curtains.

A transformer may step voltage down to 8 to 20 volts. However, you hook it up to standard household wiring, so be sure to shut off power before working.


About 2 hours to remove a ceiling fixture and install a Eurostyle light

Screwdriver, drill, voltage tester, stud finder, strippers, lineman's pliers, nonconducting ladder

Attaching hardware with screws, stripping wire, splicing stranded wire to solid wire

Spread a drop cloth on the floor.

New light fixture, wire nuts, electrician's tape

Step 1

Shut off power to the circuit. Remove an existing light fixture and splice the transformer leads to the house wires.

Step 2

Measure carefully and try to position the rod holder under a joist. Attach the holder with screws long enough to reach through drywall or plaster and fasten at least 1/2 inch into the joist. Use plastic wall anchors if no joist is available.

Step 3

Mount the transformer and canopy to the ceiling box strap. Slide the rods through the canopy rod connectors. Slip an end cap onto each end of both rods.

Step 4

Remove the bottom piece from each rod holder. Snap the rods into the grooves and reattach the holder bottom piece.

Step 5

Attach the lamps to the rods, following the manufacturer's instructions. These attach with two-piece holders similar to the rod holders shown in Step 4. Position each lamp and tighten the screws.

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123322DW wrote:

Hello what is the brand / name of this light fixture - i have the same one but need to buy a new transformer for it and am having trouble finding.

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