Installing Undercabinet Xenon Lights


While an overhead light gives you the illumination you need to make it from the refrigerator to the stove, it may not be enough light to read a cookbook or chop vegetables. Small xenon lights installed under the upper cabinets provide task lighting on the counter. Installing them was once a major project, but newer under-the-counter lights are easy to install. There are several varieties, each slightly different.

Most kits include a number of lights, a transformer to power them, and a length of lamp cord to connect them. You can position the lights as close together or far apart as you want -- just position the lights and transformer, then cut the wires to fit. Some transformers are small enough to simply stick underneath the cabinet with double-face adhesive. Others need to be attached with screws. Like the lights, the transformer is wired only after it is in place.


About 30 minutes to install the light system

Flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, wire cutters, hammer, drill bits and drill

Basic wiring, drilling holes

The lights need to be near a 120-volt outlet.

Lighting kit

Step 1

Lay out the position of the lights and transformer. Measure the distance between the two lights furthest from the transformer, and cut two wires to that length.

Step 2

Strip the ends of the wires and put them in the wiring holes in one of the lights.

Step 3

Install the bulb and reflector on the light. Assemble all the lights you will use.

Step 4

Peel the backing off the end light to expose the adhesive, and stick it in place. Install and wire the remaining lights the same way, working back to the transformer.

Step 5

Put the wires from the closest light into the holes for them in the transformer. Pull off the adhesive protective paper, and attach the transformer to the cabinet.

Step 6

Connect the plug to the wire. If you want, you can put an inline switch on the cord. Note the ribbed covering over one of the wires. Put the switch on the smooth-jacketed wire, which is the hot wire.

Step 7

Plug the transformer into an outlet. If you didn't put in an inline switch, plug the transformer into a switched outlet.

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