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Wiring and electrical work are amateur friendly. A handy person who understands some basic information and carefully follows instructions can make safe and reliable electrical installations. Attention to detail is the key.

Projects in Planning & Prep

Wiring help for the whole house
Before you begin a project, understand how to shut off power and know how to test that power is off. This section describes the tools and supplies needed for electrical projects. Another section on this site, "Checking Your Electrical System," helps you understand your electrical system -- and spot problems that may need attention. "Basic Techniques" shows how to strip wires, splice wires, and join wires to terminals -- essential skills for safe, secure, and reliable electrical connections. Sections on "Repairs," "Switches & Receptacles," and "Lights & Fans" guide you through basic repairs and upgrades. "Planning New Electrical Service" introduces you to the important preliminary steps for more complex and demanding wiring projects. It also explains how to work with a local building department to ensure that your project meets electrical safety code.

Help extending or adding circuits begins with "Installing Cable & Boxes." The next two sections show specific projects: "Installing New Fixtures" and "Installing Fans & Heaters." The final sections deal with household communication and security, outdoor wiring, and how to connect appliances and new circuits.

Each project includes a list of the tools and materials you'll need and a description of the skills you'll use.

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